The Dome Initiative

We create space to grow together.

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Why Geodesic Dome?

The View

You can dance, meditate, paint – always in the sight of the sky and the trees. Even in winter.


Geodesic Domes are considered as most stable and durable Man made construction, that also have beneficial qualities for holistic well-being.


The dome’s interior provides wonderful acoustic properties. Your ears will really appreciate it.


Lightness of materials, necessary to build a Dome allows to construct it with minimal impact on the environment.

Events we will host in the dome include

Who are we?

Garden of Creation Logo

Garden of Creation Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is in line of personal development in a holistic sense. We are connected threw passion for profound, authentic relations – with oneself, others, nature, the elements, for exploring and recognizing what it means to be a Human being on the Earth. 

We organize and lead workshops, meetings, concerts and pro ecological initiatives (eg. cleaning the forest), as well as activate local community.

Kasia BartoszewiczKosMoc

 I help people discover and understand themselves through evolutionary astrology.

I encourage to dance and come back to the body, which in my opinion is our greatest gift.

I created KosMoc – combination of dance, astrology and pleasure to reminder of how pleasant it is to be a human being.

Aleksandra KapellaJoniwersum

I create spaces of community, where we can re-member our own potential for feeling and creativity.

I am a the founder of Joniversum – a space for woman who want to create their reality in a conscious way.

My passion is expanding consciousness threw relating with people, plants and elements.

Wojtek WieconkowskiMetaphoric Tools

I accompany In the process of re-membering harmony, In relation with oneself and the Word, where truth is manifested threw beauty.

My tools are sound, music and archaic techniques of transformation.

I am the founder of Metaphoric Tools, artistic workshop where we build Medicine (music) Instruments.

Łukasz ZygmuntZawsze Pozytywnie

I work with people who want to consciously navigate their lives.

There is often a lack of clarity as to exactly how it should look, what my path means and how to find your natural rhythm.

I introduce clarity and we catch a starting point, we find what is really important and determine the course of action stepping into self-leadership.

Our mission

We are creating a safe and supportive space for to investigate and heal relations with life on a profound level.

Guided by a motto: Think Globally – Act Locally, as we understand, that the genuine improvement of the quality of life for the whole society will become reality, when each one of us takes responsibility for ones own relations – with one self, others and nature.

Our Mission is to accompany and support this process.

Garden of Creation Foundation

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